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Getting Started in your Free Trial of First Freight CRM

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Welcome aboard your First Freight CRM trial - we are here to help!

For starters, here is a short video overview:

Start by logging in to with your user name and password

The Help Center within First Freight CRM also has information and FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).

HELP is on the main navigation menu on the left side.

Start by clicking your name or company name, located on the upper left side.

Confirm your Profile information: Personal Details, Change Password and SYNC email client.

Then, please begin the "CRM Sales Workflow":

  • Add Companies, always with a Contact. Carriers, Shippers, Consignees = "Company Type"

  • Add Deals with Lanes and Lane details like Volumes, Revenue and Profit - the most important data!

  • Add Events like Calls and Meetings to help move deals forward.

Once a minimal amount of data has been added into First Freight, your dashboards and the built-in freight sales reports will come alive with colorful charts.

Thank you - we are here to help if you have any questions or would like a LIVE demo.

If you want to immerse in a full 26 minute demo of First Freight CRM, here you go:

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