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After logging-in for the first time, confirm your details, change password and sync email

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After logging-in to First Freight CRM for the first time:

Click on your own name in the upper left corner. 

You will see your Profile Screen with your Name and Title at the top.

It has three tabs:




Confirm your basic details including your contact information, job title, correct station or branch, your timezone and your preferred CRM Display Language. 

When you've confirmed your Profile Details, click the Password tab:

Change your Current Password to a New Password. Confirm it and click the blue Update Password button.

Next up, click the SYNC tab: find your Email Client and click Activate button below.

Once you have put in your email credentials, click the blue Save & Activate button.

That's it! You've done well and your calls and meetings in Email with begin syncing back-and-forth with your Calendar in First Freight CRM.

Please ask your CRM Admin for help or contact us directly: help @

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