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Quick explanation of your Calendar and how to add "Events" like calls and meetings in First Freight CRM

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Short video above shows how to add EVENTS like calls and meetings in First Freight CRM.

Scheduling Events (Calls and Meetings) help move your Deals forward!  

Add a follow-up call or meeting right after a call or a meeting!

You may open your Calendar and add Events to a particular date:

Or you may add calls and meetings directly to your Deals. This saves time because the Company name and other information is already there - you don't have to add it.

On the Deal Detail screen, select the Events the + Event button in the upper right corner.

When you add an event to a specific deal, the Company and the deal name are already there. This helps keep your call or meeting organized and attached to the relevant deal you are pursuing.

Add calls and meetings to deals at anytime to help remind you to take action!

Please contact help with any further questions on Events, your Calendar or anything else.

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