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Explanation of Deals and "Lanes" and how to manage them in First Freight CRM

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Below is a video showing how to add a new lane on your mobile phone:

In First Freight CRM, a Deal is a sales "opportunity" you've identified through one of your Contacts or at a Company.   You may add/edit deals and lanes on your desktop computer or on your mobile phone or tablet.

Note: even if the Shipper or Company has another transportation provider at the time, you can still add a Deal in CRM and pursue with calls and meetings.  Maybe they will consider a Trial Shipment?

Create a deal at a Company and track it as it moves through your sales pipeline.

  1. Click on Deals on main navigation menu to navigate to the deals page.

  2. Select + New Deal and enter the deal information (Deal name, company and contact associated with the deal, estimated volumes, revenue & profit and source).  Add additional Lanes if desired.

  3. After you have entered all of your deal information click Add.

If you have any further questions about DEALS or how to add or edit them, please contact your CRM Admin or

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