Managing your Locations is a CRM Admin only function.  If you are the CRM Admin for your company (or yourself), you will see the ADMIN category on your main navigation menu.  

Under ADMIN, select Locations...this is the very first step in getting set-up in CRM.

Locations, including your Stations / Branches and Warehouses, are typically entered upon sign-up as part of your initial CRM customization and set-up.

Once you have entered your Company Locations, the next step will be to add your CRM Users and assign them to a Location. if you get into any trouble.

After you have added your Company Locations, click the Districts tab.  
Add / edit Districts if desired, according to your Sales Management Hierarchy.

Next, click on the Global Locations tab.

to Search, type a few letters in the search box...

If the port you seek is not in there, click the +Global Location button.

"Global Locations" allows you to add/edit global ports and terminals.  Click the Global Locations tab to enter or update your port information:

Next, click on the Regions tab.

Edit or delete any of the default Regions.  Or add a new one by clicking the +Region button.

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