First Freight CRM is the world’s number one CRM software for the global logistics industry, helping Logistics Service Providers of all sizes gain visibility and control over their freight sales activities and performance.  With secure servers in every region, First Freight CRM powers the commercial operations of LSP’s in all regions and including freight forwarders, carriers, warehousing companies, contract logistics service providers and freight brokerage firms.  

After growing up in Silicon Valley, CEO of First Freight CRM, Charles Emerson started a technology services and software development business in Los Angeles.  Based in Venice, California aka Silicon Beach, has allowed Charles to stay on the cutting-edge of technology for 25+ years.

In 2010, Charles was asked by a mid-sized, LA-based ocean forwarder to do a Salesforce implementation for their sales team.  With a deep, technical background in CRM and see a vision for the future of CRM for freight sales, Charles shifted his company's focus:  from providing services to exclusively building an industry-specific product, from the ground up...simple, powerful CRM for global logistics service providers.

First Freight CRM was developed as a vertical industry solution and competes with generic CRM platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.  These programs have a different business model:  they are sold through IT resellers who make money by "customizing" the generic platform for the customers needs.

How many freight sales organizations over the past 20 years have paid local resellers a never-ending fortune to somehow adapt Salesforce to freight sales?  To reinvent the wheel?!

The future of CRM is industry-specific...ocean, air, and road freight sales are very different from sales in other industries.  It's about quickly capturing lane deal information such as origin / destination, lanes, and estimated freight volumes, revenue and profit.


Because First Freight CRM is industry-specific, it makes it easier to use.  Less "clicking around" is required to enter or find sales data.  This is a big deal because simply "capturing" the relevant data is half the battle.   

First Freight CRM is "pre-customized" for global logistics sales.
Deals involve Ocean, Air, Road, and/or Warehouse services.  Estimated Volumes, Revenue and Profit are easily captured along with Origin / Destinations.  

All of this data then flows into our built-in freight sales REPORTS.  Advanced Filters allow sales reps and managers to "slice-and-dice" their sales data quickly.  Reports may be Printed or exported to Excel for further analysis.

Branch or Location Managers, Sales Managers, Country Managers, Region Managers and C-Level Executives at LSP's usually want to know two main things about their sales organization:  

  1.  What are my sales people doing today?  What Activities (Calls and meetings) are taking place?

  2. What DEALS are my people pursuing?  What sales stage are they in?  What is going on at these deals?

First Freight CRM has all of the REPORTS you need built-in on Day one.  Reports can be run at anytime.  No waiting for the end-of-month.  

Activities Reports show all Calls and Meetings scheduled.
DEALS Reports show Deals by Industry, Sales Stage and many other categories.

Nor more deals lost in email or Excel.

No more expensive, generic CRM's that salespeople hate to use.
Simple, powerful CRM for Logistics Service Providers...That's First Freight CRM!


Contact:  Todd Collins
Global Head of Sales and Customer Success

First Freight CRM

First Freight CRM HQ
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