We have API's and other connective methods to be able to "surface" valuable freight operations data, for example, into CRM.

Sync Outlook Exchange,  0365 and GMail Calendars with Calendar in First Freight CRM.

Integrate With Other Applications

First Freight CRM connects, updates and leverages data across your internal systems.

Data Import/Export

Automate the import/export of .CSV and Excel-based data between First Freight CRM and your TMS, WMS, Quoting and other business applications.

REST-based API

Leverage First Freight CRM’s powerful REST-based API to meet the most complex data integration requirements.

Seamless Embedding

Integrate the user interface from other applications directly into First Freight CRM for fingertip access to supporting technologies.help@firstfreight.com

For more information regarding First Freight CRM integration tools and capabilities, please contact us directly: help@firstfreight.com

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