Your personal Sales Dashboards in First Freight CRM give you a snapshot of all sales activities and performance in one place.  With the Global Search capability, you can immediately find any Company, Contact, etc within your CRM.

On top of your dashboards, you see your current Sales Revenue and projected Profit by Sales Stage.  Below that, you see your Next Up Events aka Calls and Meetings.

You may add / edit / delete calls and meetings (Events) right from here.

Also on you homescreen, you may add a Task to any Deal or Company.

If you hover over any of the charts including the Sales Funnel and Sales by Industry, you will see the projected profit % for that Stage or any Industry sector.  

Click into your charts and a corresponding sales report will appear.

Towards the lower half of your homescreen, you have Ocean and Air Freight dashboards featuring your volumes in tonnage and TEU's respectively.
Use the +Plus and -Minus buttons to zoom in on active Origins and Destinations.

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