Using the Sales Team feature in First Freight CRM, you are able to invite sales colleagues and others to share visibility of a particular company.  Add notes, documents and events that everyone on the Sales Team can see: no more communications lost in email!

You may invite sales colleagues to share key, large global companies on a Company level or just share deals on a Deal's flexible and up to you how best to use the Sales Team feature.

Work with sales colleagues in different stations or regions to maximize sales potential by providing better, broader customer service.

For example, a global logistics provider (forwarder) will have a customer in a certain port city, say Long Beach.  They discover their customer, a heavy equipment shipper, also has an office and warehouse in Shanghai.  Using the Sales Team feature, you may "invite" your Shanghai colleagues to participate on one or more Deals at the Deal Level or you may choose to have a "Sales Team" at the Company level.

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