Our users have made "Campaign" a much-requested feature to be built into First Freight CRM.

Good News!  This feature is here and available for the first time!

The new Campaign capability within First Freight CRM allows subscribers to manage marketing campaigns to Companies in CRM; leads, existing customers and other groups.  

Coming soon: subscribers will be able to schedule and send Newsletters and Special Offers based on Templates designed for that purpose.

Campaigns may be added in the Admin section by any user with CRM Admin access.

Select Campaigns under Admin on the left side navigation menu.

Once Campaign has been set-up, with Start and End dates, the Campaign will appear in the dropdown in your Company Detail screen.  When you add or edit a Company, you may associate the company with a Campaign.

In REPORTS, you may choose to filter by Campaign.  This allows users to see all Companies and activity associated with your Campaign.

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