User Roles - CRM Admin 

Sales Rep
Sales Manager
Location Manager (Station or Branch or Warehouse)
District Manager (West USA, East USA for example)
Country Manager
Region Manager (EMEA, Americas, East Asia, SE Asia...)

User Roles in First Freight CRM are managed by your CRM Administrator.  

Only a CRM Admin has access to the CRM Admin Panel and can adjust your user roles.

If you are a Sales Manager and unable to view the sales activities and performance of Sales Reps reporting to you, please contact your CRM Admin for a quick alignment.

The Sales Management Hierarchy in First Freight CRM was developed with large, Global Logistics Providers in mind.  But any size transportation and logistics sales team can use it to provide clear sales management structure and control.

User Roles Explained:

Most people logging-in to First Freight CRM are Sales Representatives.  That's the "User Role".  Sales Reps can only see their own deals and their own sales activities.

Sales Managers and above can see the Sales people in the hierarchy assigned to them.

To explain further, some Sales Reps are also Sales Managers and/or Station Managers.  
They may also be a District, Country Manager with visibility over all CRM users in a single country, or a Regional VP with visibility over all users in all countries in Europe or SE Asia, for example.

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